Make-up: Makiash - review #1

As some of you may know I've become an ambassador for the new Swedish makeup brand Makiash. :-)
Makiash is tested on models, not animals, is EU-made and paraben-free. Ingredients are listed for every product.

If you contact me I can give you a code which gives you member access and a 20% discount on everything. You keep this discount, it's not a one-time thing.
You can also use this link right here.  :-)

PS for Norwegians: Shipping is from within Norway, so no additional taxes. ;-)  
So, this means I've been given some products to review!

Packaging: Makiash arrives in sturdy packaging, carefully wrapped. No plastic.

Volume&Length Mascara (black)

I'm very pleased with this one. Good color, it lasts all day and doesn't smear or flake off. The brush has the same problem most brushes do though: It gives off a bit too much product. So I do what I always do; after applying the mascara I brush my lashes with a cheap, clean disposable mascara brush (that I wash and reuse over and over again). Everything looks more even and natural that way.
Durability makes up for this, I'd say!

Eyeshadow: Smoky Look

A trio of natural, matte eyeshadows, which are very easy to smudge and apply! 
They have a good pigmentation, so you can fade or build up as you please.
Here are some smudgy swatches on my pasty neutral arm:

Waterproof eyeliner (Dark Bronze)

I'm a bit conflicted about this one. I am super happy about the color, which is a nice semi-dark brown with lots of shimmer. It can be smudged out nicely and be worn as sort-of an eyeshadow. But I wish it was more pigmented.
I have always found this particular kind of eyeliner design troublesome because they are impossible to keep pointed (and what good are they unsharpened?).
But with this clever little device all such issues are gone:
The smudging thingy at the end doubles as a tiny pencil sharpener! Hahh! Cleverness!

Highlighter Natural Glow

I have very light skin, but this highlighter is light enough to work well for me.

Trio Nailpolish: Dark Shadows

The colors are how they appear, pigmented and shiny. With a base/top coat, they last around four-five days before minor flaking begins. In my book, that is approved. They also dry up withing reasonable time!

I've tried to photograph myself wearing the eye-shadows, mascara and highlighter in various lighting and camera settings (no photoshopping). I've learned that taking pictures of your makeup is incredibly difficult! Yikes. But I hope this gives you some idea:

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