Our secret neighbourhood forest

Very close to my apartment here in the middle of Old Oslo lies an urban forest of small, but charming stature.   

(Okay, it's more like a park, but let me have my forest illusion, okay?)

Just last year there were plans for cutting down a large number of  trees to make ... more ... parking lots .... Luckily, that madness was stopped in time. The long-term plans for the area is to re-open the stream that runs in pipes underground. I think it will be lovely when its done. If it gets done. :)

There are so many hidden gems out there, if you only look for them.

That oddly decorative castle-like wall in the background is actually our local prison!

I love that this half-dead cherry tree has been left alone. See all that green stuff behind the dead stuff? It's the same tree. Dead trees are so important to the local wildlife, and believe me, there's lots of wildlife in a city! 

I'll very soon be moving out of the city to a much more rural place with a lot bigger forests than this one. No wych elms there, though (I think). I try to make the most of my last two weeks before my big moving day!


  1. Super gorgeous! :) I'm happy that such places exist too!

  2. Har ikke sett bloggen din før nå, så fine bilder og alt! :D